What Are Inductors? 什么是电感?

Let’s talk a peek into inductors.


Why Should I Care? 为啥电感很有用?

Inductors are less mentioned than capacitors and resistors. But They are especially important if you want to do sth with AC, that is alternating current. Inductors are like the resistors in the AC world. They oppose the change in current. So they can be used to filter signals or transforming between different AC voltages.


What Is a Inductor? 电感长什么样子?

An inductor is as simple physically as any electronic component. It is just a coil of wire around a magnetic or non-magnetic stick.


Just a coil of wire can do very interesting things due to the magnetic properties of the coil. Because of Faraday’s Laws of Induction, when an electric current is passed through the coil of wire a magnetic field is created this magnetic field can actually store the electric current for a short period of time even its supply is cut off. Just like capacitors can store charge. Inductors can store magnetic fields, which can provide current.


Inductance 电感值

Depends on:


The inductance of inductors in series adds together just like resistors.


L1 + L2 = Ltotal

Inductors connected in parallel the total inductance is going to be less than each individual inductor.


Ltotal = 1/(1/L1 + 1/L2)

Also same as what we have for resistors.



OK, I think that’s all we need to know about inductors for now.