title: What Is Wallstreet? —

Wall Street is not a street located in the lower Manhattan section of New York City. It is the financial industry, not of the US, but the world.

What Is It?

Wall Street has been the historic headquarters of some of the largest U.S. brokerages and investment banks and is also the home of the New York Stock Exchange. Wallstreet is sometimes used as another name for financial markets.

While being on Wall Street is no longer required for a financial-industry firm (many, in fact, are located all around the country) or even to trade stocks (which primarily happens online now), the term “Wall Street” still means business—the investment business—and the interests, motivations, and attitudes of its players.

Wall Street vs. Main Street

Wall Street is often contrasted with Main Street, Main Street is used as a metaphor for individual investors, While Wall Street means big institutions.

Wall Street is now in my eyes an organized crime, focusing on manipulating the market. The founder of Khan Academy, Sal Khan said it is hard to believe you can work there can create anything of social value. From 2003 to late 2009, Khan worked as a hedge fund analyst at Connective Capital Management.

If you know the Gamestop event, which was a war between individual investors and Wall Street, I was one of the retails investors. If you know occupy Wall Street strike, you know not everybody loves it.

Ark Invest

But it is changing, and firms like Ark Invest show the new form of a large financial institution could be.

In Silicon Valley. You have programmers making software, in Wall Street, you have analysts and traders. Nowadays, traders have been largely replaced by software in large financial firms. And old-fashioned financial number-focused analysts are being replaced by Ark-style domain expert style analysts.

I like Ark because it is not a believer in value investing, it is 100% pro-innovation and focuses only on big paradigm shifts and related growth stocks.


IMO, Wall Street is a system based on the old rules and ideas, when the world moves to new rules, I wish people pay less attention to it and use their insights to make investment decisions.